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Consult Schools guides and advises students and parents on how to navigate the complexities of the admissions process.

At Consult Schools, our trusted and experienced team, which includes Dr. Parnell Hagerman and Lee Young, guides and advises students and parents on how to navigate the complexities of the admissions process. Our goal is to help your child achieve theirs!

Consult Schools offers individualized educational consulting services to help families explore options at independent schools (Secondary boarding and day schools, junior boarding and day schools, and colleges). The team brings compassion and expertise to their mission of helping every child succeed. Consult Schools understands that every child and family is unique; we want to ensure your child finds an educational match that supports them academically and emotionally.

Consult Schools also assists admission offices and heads of schools identify the core components of their admission policies while seeking to improve outcomes based on current data and technology.

Whether you are looking to enroll your child in an independent day or boarding school, or you are a Head of School looking to improve upon your admission efforts and overall school program, contact Consult Schools.

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Why select Dr.Hagerman and Ms.Young over others?

Knowledge + Experience + Connections = Value

  • Knowledge of independent schools: Both have served decades on the campuses of highly selective schools. They understand how and why admissions committees make decisions.
  • Admission Experience: They have worked in the admissions trenches reading and assessing applications, deliberating and discussing candidates during committee meetings, and ultimately being responsible for the shaping of classes and schools.
  • Established Connections: Their reputation, based on their years of experience and tenure, has clout with admissions professionals at independent schools.
  • Ultimate Value: Their first-hand knowledge and experience in the art & science of secondary school admissions is invaluable to students and families in submitting the strongest applications possible for position outcomes.

Dr. Hagerman and Ms. Young are excited to independently counsel families on finding the right fit school because they know how transformational the boarding school/independent day school experience is. They simplify and guide families through what can be an overwhelming process.

Knowing schools as they do from 85 years of combined experience, they can give you the best advice to maximize a student’s potential and help find that school that will encourage a passion which will define your child for the rest of his/her life. While no one can guarantee that a student can achieve admission to “dream schools”, good consultants with experience such as theirs can dramatically improve your chances

Testimonial Using our son’s academic and extra-curricular profile and strengths, she helped us identify the schools that would be the best fit for him and best meet his needs. She provided advice throughout the application and interview process, so that our son could best project himself as a candidate. After he received admissions decisions and financial aid offers, Parny helped us successfully navigate that final stage to what seemed like a journey of a thousand miles that we successfully traversed after we made the wise first step to contact Parny and access her expert counsel. With great enthusiasm we recommend Parny for her expertise and her caring, personalized advice. - Celeste and Michael Mullane, Warwick, RI, Parents, ’21

Testimonial When much to our surprise, our eighth grade daughter articulated an unwavering desire to pursue a boarding school education on the East Coast, my husband and I knew we were out of our depth. As two Californias with relatively no experience related to boarding schools, let alone those 3000 miles away, we were at a loss on where to begin. Fortuitously an acquaintance and educator in New England, recommended we contact a colleague, Lee Young.

Lee has been invaluable throughout this process. From a lengthy Skype interview at the start, my daughter felt Lee was invested and committed to helping determine and identify the schools that would be the best fit for her. She provided critical guidance and advocacy at the appropriate steps along the way and because of Lee’s thoughtful and knowledgeable expertise, we can now feel confident that any one of the wonderful schools Elizabeth was admitted to attend, will be a place she will thrive. Thank you Lee!
- Meg & Dan Purdy California