Admissions Consulting for School Administrators

If you're wondering whether your protocols for finding new students are working in your admission office, it can be an overwhelming and demanding experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone! Work within independent schools is a family business for Dr. Parnell Hagerman and her daughters; they have not only gone through the experience themselves but have also pursued professional careers in admissions and college placement to give others the opportunity to succeed.

Dr. Hagerman has helped hundreds of young students attain admission to the academic and extra-curricular programs of their dreams. She and Lee Young have a total of 85 years in admissions work at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, while also helping Derby Academy in Massachusetts and Vermont Academy (Boarding and Day schools) examine their total school procedures.

Dr. Parnell Hagerman, founder of Consult Schools, is a distinguished educator, coach, and administrator who has spent her life advocating for students and quality education worldwide at Deerfield Academy, The Hotchkiss School and Oldfields School. Lee Young, after having spent 33 years at Phillips Exeter Academy, knows all too well how schools have to stay current with todays market in order to stay relevant with educational needs of students. Together they provide compassionate guidance to schools by examining trends, data, and current parental and student educational expectations.

  • Develop long-term admission strategies
  • Attract and maintain excellent students and families
  • Update current revenue streams to support the school budget
  • Analyze departments being in sync with admissions goals
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