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After all the years Dr. Parnell and Ms Young have spent at admission offices in highly selective boarding schools, they know how to respond to COVID-19, and what schools have done to minimize the possibility of infection at each of their schools.

Schools like Andover in Massachusetts, Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, The Taft School in Connecticut and St. Paul's School in New Hampshire have to be very careful as they bring students back to campus and gear up for visitors. The same can be said of Westminster School in Connecticut, St. Mark's School in Massachusetts, Groton School in Massachusetts, Middlesex School in Massachusetts, Tabor Academy in Massachusetts, Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire, Holderness School in New Hampshire, Proctor Academy in New Hampshire and all the other schools in New England and across the country.

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As an anxious international student who spoke very little English, Parny was not only my mentor throughout my boarding school experience but also, most importantly, a life-long friend. I am honored that Parny, an incredible admissions counselor/director, helped me become the successful adult I am today. - Tommy Liem, Hotchkiss, ’96 Investor Relations and Portfolio Analysis at Thomas H. Lee Partners

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