Penny Townsend, Head of School, Kings academy, Jordan 5 Star Review

We asked Parny to see us through a difficult period in our Admission office: no director and low enrollment numbers. Parny settled the office and knew exactly what to do to straighten out the enrollment issues. She settled the unsure office staff. Her guidance was direct, clear and reflected a depth of knowledge and insight about enrollment management that I had never before encountered. Quite simply, she is remarkable.

Parny quickly became a trusted advisor to the members of the office. She suspended judgement and worked on rectifying the situation. She gave the team the confidence they were lacking, and Parny’s guidance and instruction elevated every aspect of our enrollment management program. Now, when there is a doubt to resolve, the first question usually is “What would Parny do?

This is from a parent of 2 of her children who went to The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville Ct and Deerfield Academy in Deerfield Mass. Mrs. Sarah Carolan, Hingham, Ma. 5 Star Review

Dr. Hagerman helped us with placement of two of our children who have very different skills and interests. She was great at guiding us through honestly identifying schools, the interview, the application and knows the ins and outs of the whole process. She was considerate of each child as an individual and focused on how best to demonstrate their unique qualities. She was attentive throughout and her vast experience in the admissions process made us feel very comfortable. Both children ended up successfully getting into several schools and had the choice to find their best fit schools. We are grateful for her guidance!

Tori & Stephen from Austin, TX 5 Star Review

Lee has been everything we could have asked for and more as an educational consultant. She meticulously guided us through the process, set realistic expectations, prioritized integrity, and leveraged her vast experience and professional network to give us bespoke counsel. She was extremely responsive to all our communication and was in tune with what we were going through practically and emotionally in the rigorous boarding school application process. Although she always reiterated there were no guarantees, we were accepted to our top-choice schools. Admission was a key goal, but Lee has made it clear it is not the end of our collective story. We are thrilled to have Lee as a lifetime partner in our children's journey.

A grateful dad from SC 5 Star Review

As parents of a bright son desiring boarding school, we felt inadequate in knowing how to navigate the path he yearned for.

Enter Lee Young: a kind hand when we needed it, a sharp counsel at perfect times, and a navigator with a heart of gold, Lee taught us and walked the path with us.

It’s a rare thing to experience such care and competence in one individual. That Lee chooses to let both overflow in ample portions to families like ours is even more special. Our son, now in the enviable position of choosing between two fantastic boarding schools, has a newfound confidence and bright options. Our anxiety has given way to joy, as we see him stride ahead with his head held high. And we are grateful for our now forever-friend and sage, Lee Young.

Meg and Dan Purdy, California 5 Star Review

When much to our surprise, our eighth grade daughter articulated an unwavering desire to pursue a boarding school education on the East Coast, my husband and I knew we were out of our depth. As two Californias with relatively no experience related to boarding schools, let alone those 3000 miles away, we were at a loss on where to begin. Fortuitously an acquaintance and educator in New England, recommended we contact a colleague, Lee Young

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Lee has been invaluable throughout this process. From a lengthy Skype interview at the start, my daughter felt Lee was invested and committed to helping determine and identify the schools that would be the best fit for her. She provided critical guidance and advocacy at the appropriate steps along the way and because of Lee’s thoughtful and knowledgeable expertise, we can now feel confident that any one of the wonderful schools Elizabeth was admitted to attend, will be a place she will thrive. Thank you Lee!

Celeste and Michael Mullane, Warwick, RI, Parents, ’21 5 Star Review

Nearly forty years ago, as a nervous PG applicant, I interviewed with Parny Hagerman in her position in Admissions at Deerfield Academy. Her warm personality and congenial nature made me feel more at ease and enabled me to better present myself as part of the admissions process. This past year, with those same qualities, and more than forty years of private school admissions and administrative expertise, Parny served as a tremendously valuable and informative resource as my wife and I helped our son pursue the possibility of a PG year.

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What often seemed an overwhelming process was made manageable through Parny’s supportive guidance. Using our son’s academic and extra-curricular profile and strengths, she helped us identify the schools that would be the best fit for him and best meet his needs. She provided advice throughout the application and interview process, so that our son could best project himself as a candidate. After he received admissions decisions and financial aid offers, Parny helped us successfully navigate that final stage to what seemed like a journey of a thousand miles that we successfully traversed after we made the wise first step to contact Parny and access her expert counsel. With great enthusiasm we recommend Parny for her expertise and her caring, personalized advice.

Brian Sullivan, Associate Head of School, Kent School, Kent, CT 5 Star Review

I first met Parny when she admitted me as an eleventh grader to The Hotchkiss School, class of 1996. From the moment I applied, Parny believed in my academic potential and encouraged me to become a successful student leader. Since then, she has remained a mentor and a friend, providing tremendous guidance and advice throughout my career.

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In my current role as Associate Head of School and Director of Admissions at Kent School, Parny continues to help identify students, like me, who could benefit from the boarding school experience and who would be an excellent fit for our community. I could not be more grateful for Parny’s continued support, and for the remarkable students, she has sent our way.

James and Alyson, Fisher Texas 5 Star Review

Peace of mind…

Good news: If you are reading this review as part of an investigation into elite boarding schools for your child, you probably already know whether there is a good chance of your child technically qualifying for admittance to one of those schools.

Bad news: The vast majority of other kids who apply to elite boarding schools also technically qualify and there are many more applicants than open spots.

So, how do make your son or daughter stand out from the crowd? Plan early and assemble the right team.

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We were introduced to Lee Young by a friend who is an alumnus of one of the elite boarding schools to which we were applying. Lee came highly recommend and her credentials spoke for themselves—not only was she also an alumnus from one of the most elite boarding schools in the country, she had recently retired after 33 years as an admissions officer at that school. Her insight, industry contacts, and institutional knowledge regarding what admissions officers are looking for and how that information should be presented was priceless. She would be the quarterback of our admissions team.

Throughout the process, she guided us. From team coordination, mock interviews, reviewing essays, admissions tests scores feedback and strategy, to communication and advocation directly with admissions officers on our son’s behalf. Most importantly, she was a 24/7 calming and companionate advisor during an intimidating and overwhelming experience. We can’t imagine how we would have navigated the process without her. To do so, would have been flying blind and this was too important to leave to chance.

So, we purchased peace of mind–The peace of mind that goes with knowing we did everything we possibly could have to put our son in the best position of standing out among all the otherwise qualified candidates applying to these elite boarding schools.

And here is the real endorsement: I am writing this review BEFORE knowing whether our son was accepted to any of the schools to which he applied! Even if he isn’t accepted to one of those schools, we will never have to live with the feeling of “what if…”, because we know we left no stone unturned. Update: Our son was admitted to his top choice school! Thank you, Lee!

Dr. Jennifer Zaccaro, Head of School , Vermont Academy 5 Star Review

From the moment that Parny walked into my office on her first day with us, I was able to take a meaningful sigh of relief. Her bright, sunny approach to this crucial work on enrollment strategy and data collection helped us to jump start a new path for our approach to admissions work. We could affirm low hanging fruit and things we should have been doing but had not addressed in the admissions process and funnel and also think about new and creative ways to address working with data to make informed decisions. Parny is that combination of deep knowledge and experience and attention to modernized approaches to energizing your admissions office. Plus, as a former head of school and head of admissions, she offers on the spot support every day she is present. Hire her and sleep better at night!

Stephanie and Steven Ames, Sharon, CT 5 Star Review

It can be an enormous challenge for students and families to navigate the secondary school process in the Northeast. With her extensive experience and expertise with highly selective secondary schools, and their current trends, Dr. Parney Hagerman’s counsel can be invaluable.

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Dr. Hagerman collaborated with our daughter during her secondary school search and application process with genuine enthusiasm and ease. Thanks to Dr. Hagerman’s personalized, comprehensive strategy, our daughter feels confident she has connected with a secondary school where she will be happy and successful.

As a professional educational consultant, and an all-around great person, it’s our absolute pleasure to recommend Dr. Hagerman.

Tom and Julie Rose, Virginia 5 Star Review

We hired Lee to work with our family. We had a son applying for his sophomore year and a daughter applying for her freshman year. To say that she was invaluable to this process, would be to understate it.

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She spent the time to actually get to know each of our kids and helped us navigate the application and admission process in a way that made it manageable. Her insight and guidance helped direct where each of our kids should apply and we believe greatly impacted where each of them would ultimately be accepted, which for each of them was their first choice and they were thrilled. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Lee and her assistance throughout this entire process.

Leah Sparks, Dallas Texas, Parent, ‘21 5 Star Review

Although my husband, daughter and I have known Parny for only a short time, we unanimously have been impressed by her level of professionalism, integrity and commitment to each child’s success. Parny has built trust and a rapport with my daughter that can only come with her true caring nature. Parny knows that every child is different which means that each child’s learning requirements will be different. Therefore, she works to find the best fit for each family and for each child. The bottom line is that Parny is a true pleasure, and we as a family, feel quite fortunate to have met her.

Tommy Liem, Hotchkiss, ’96 Investor Relations and Portfolio Analysis at Thomas H. Lee Partners 5 Star Review

There are no words to describe how much Parny changed my life by noticing my talents and leadership capabilities. As an anxious international student who spoke very little English, Parny was not only my mentor throughout my boarding school experience but also, most importantly, a life-long friend. I am honored that Parny, an incredible admissions counselor/director, helped me become the successful adult I am today.

Charlie Frankenbach, Bigelow Teaching Chair (English), The Hotchkiss School 5 Star Review

When school people say of a colleague that she “Gets it,” what we remark on is her keen perspective on and insight into the generative fit between a young person and a school environment. Parny Hagerman gets it. She sees the young person inside the budding artist, the athlete, and the scholar, and her vast knowledge of school dynamics and environments have led her to guide countless students to educational settings best suited for students’ growth and successes.

John B. Houghton – Associate Head of School, Derby Academy 5 Star Review

Parny has been an invaluable resource for our school in helping us refocus our marketing efforts and establish an effective enrollment management strategy. Her extensive background in admissions, as well as her experience having been a head of school, gives her an in-depth understanding of current pressures facing admission directors. Parny is a wealth of knowledge when is comes to successful approaches that will help schools stabilize and grow their enrollments – by effectively managing retention with current families, and identifying and reaching new markets for students.